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Buity Skin Care – The Love Your Skin Deserves


Buity Skin Care is a new Skin Care company with high ambitions. We wish to deliver amazing products at affordable prices and maintain a loyal customer base in the process.

What makes Buity Skin Care different from it’s competitors is that all our products are made to order. This means we don’t deal with the chemical preservatives that give products a long shelf life (not that our products won’t last you the required time you need to enjoy them) and it also means that you end up applying freshly charged creams into your body providing unrivalled and optimised skin hydration.

All our ranges are packed full of natural ingredients which have been proven to rejuvenate skin and offer maximum replenishment to your body. Our ethically sourced ingredients are also complimented with Therapeutic Grade Oils and together they form the constituents of our much loved product range.

Buity Skin Care is a family run business and it’s owners Bui & Antonio are extremely passionate about you the consumer and your satisfaction with our products. That is why much of our interaction with you will be close and personal, maintaining close contact with you via our monthly newsletter, should you wish to sign up as well as creating a beautiful heart felt customer experience for you.

You are welcomed to join us also on Social Media where we are very active and engage with our customer base on a daily bases, answering questions and inviting suggestions.

Much of our love for what we do is based on our passion for essential oils and from this Buity Skin Care was born. Our aim is to set up a reputable business which can become a quality platform for our two young boys and the future before them.

We are constantly refining our processes from experimentation, research and development and based on your feedback and testimonials. We have some exciting products which will be launched in 2017 including our new Chakra healing, energising and revitalising cream range which is scientifically created to impact on your body’s energy centres. Restoring much needed energy to the areas of your body that are in need. Our consultation service will determine which creams in the Chakra range would work best with your current life state.

We also have our classic range of products which we will be adding to as we grow and develop further.

With much love and light,

Bui and Antonio xx