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Classic Collection

Buity Skin Care’s Classic Collection has been created with love and attention with a focus on highly unique natural products intended to make you enjoy luxury skin care of the highest order.

Our Classic Collection contains ingredients that are softer and lighter on your skin than our more higher-end concentrated products. While the impact will be immediate, its strength will be more subtle. We guarantee you will still benefit greatly from our 100% natural Classic Collection products and with such variety in the collection this can be a great introduction for those wishing to dive into the more potent Buity Skin Care products.

Our Classic Collection consists of:

*Vanilla-Cocoa Cream
*Charcoal Tooth Paste Powder
*Strengthening Hair Oil
*Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Oil
*Rosehip & Green Tea Exfoliating Balm
*Nourishing Body Cream
*Essential Oil Mood Inhalers
*Floral Garden Solid Perfume
*Face Oil
*Espresso Lip Balm
*De-Grease Hair Oil
*Coffee Eye Serum
*Body Oil
*Men’s Sandalwood Beard Oil
*Baby Oil
*Face Toner

All our Classic Collection products are 100% Natural and never tested on animals.