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No microbeads, no harsh chemicals, no preservatives. This powder is all natural and gentle enough to use every day. After your shower, you will feel clean and notice your skin isn’t as dry as it normally would be after you’ve dried yourself off from a shower. Aritha will give you a bit of foam and clean your skin, Oatmeal and Barley will give the moisture and Rice essence will brighten your skin.


*Organic Rice Powder
*Rhassoul Clay
*Organic Oatmeal Powder
*Organic Barley Powder
*Aritha Powder
*Essential Oil of Orange

* 100% Natural
*No Artificial Fragrances 
*No Mineral Oils
*No Petroleum-based Ingredients
*No Preservatives/Parabens 
*No animals were harmed or tested upon in making this product
*For Topical/ External use ONLY


For face: Pour penny size amount on palm of hand, add a bit of water, mix and gently massage onto skin in circular motion. Rinse and towel dry. Follow with toner and moisturiser.

For body: Wet skin, sprinkle powder & gently massage all over body. Rinse and towel dry. This powder will not give a thick foam like shower gel, but will be foamy enough to create a lather. 


Store in dry place.